Celebrating an #Internationalwomen

Beyond the Voyage Working across digital media, film, animation, sound, performance, sculpture and poetry, this immersive event featuring young British artists exploring stories and experiences of migration, integration and what it means to be a person of dual heritage living in the United Kingdom. Beyond the Voyage is presented by WOKE,. a project conceived by … Continue reading Celebrating an #Internationalwomen

Secondary Transfer Results Day

Last September when you were being herded around numerous secondary schools trying to obtain as much information about each one, in an attempt to list your preferences, upload any supporting statements and complete that online application in addition to any supplementary forms before the 31st October deadline, March 1st 2019 seemed such a long way … Continue reading Secondary Transfer Results Day

Secondary School Admissions – Share the knowledge!

As the first month of a New Year comes to a close, Christmas is over, winter is well and truly setting in and we just feel to semi hibernate, my mind starts racing about the beginning of a year, my future goals and a wish to ultimately be able to reside in warmer climes - … Continue reading Secondary School Admissions – Share the knowledge!

The Difference Between Being and Becoming

As we start 2019 some of us celebrate our achievements of 2018. Unfortunately, others find ourselves lamenting our perceived shortcomings with bittersweet feelings about the previous year coupled with anxiety about the uncertainty of what’s to come. A reason for beating ourselves up in this way may be due to a lack of self-esteem and … Continue reading The Difference Between Being and Becoming